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Cleansing Clay Masks
4 oz.

An exquisite collection of therapeutic creamy cleansing facial masks handmade and gently mixed with purifying clays and essential oils that will help to detoxify and deep-clean pores.

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Cherry Avocado Nourishing Facial Mask-cherry,avocado,nourishing,healthy,glow,mask,facial,antioxidants,antiaging,vitamins,minerals
Cherry Avocado Nourishing Facial Mask
Honey + Milk Healing Facial Mask-Kaolin Clay Honey Chamomile Facial Mask,healing,antibacterial,healing,coconut milk,oily skin,pores,shrink,deep cleansing
Honey + Milk Healing Facial Mask
Mud + Milk Purifying Facial Mask-Mud,Milk,Facial Mask,Cocoa Absolute,Chocolate,coconut milk,Mineral Sea Clay,Martha Stewart,vegan,coconut milk,hydrating,detox,moisturizing,vegan,deep cleansing,dead sea
Mud + Milk Purifying Facial Mask
Neem + Oat Gentle Facial Mask-Neem,Colloidal Oatmeal,rosacea,gentle,psoriasis,eczema,acne,troubled skin,kaolin clay,facial mask,clove,tea tree,problematic skin,woes,sensitive skin
Neem + Oat Gentle Facial Mask
Pumpkin Puree  Healthy Glow Facial Mask-fall,autumn,mask,facial,pumpkin puree,vanilla,carrot,nutmeg,peel,nourishing,glow,natural,organic,vegan,healthy,brightening,fall
Pumpkin Puree Healthy Glow Facial Mask
Rooibos, Red Wine + Acai Antioxidant Facial Mask-African Rooibos,Red Tea,italian,wine,Acai,Facial Mask,superfruit,vegan,antiaging,firm,tone,antioxidants,aging
Rooibos, Red Wine + Acai Antioxidant Facial Mask
Rose + Milk Calming Facial Mask-Kaolin Clay Rose Milk Facial Mask,coconut milk, calming,replenish,vegan
Rose + Milk Calming Facial Mask
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