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"Used the chocolate mask for a few of my clients in my facials and I haven't seen hydration like that in awhile! Love!"
-Ally T., IA

"I went out with some friends tonight and I had a really bad headache. I put up with it as long as I could and then I finally went into the bathroom and used the Miss Migraine. It went away in about 15 minutes. Thanks Diana."
-Michele S., MI

"Hello. I received some of my items today. I can honestly say that I am officially blown away. I LOVE everything. Thank you so much for making such lovely smelling products. You went from being one of my favorites to FAVORITE. :D"
-Ali H., NC

Absolutely LOVE your products. Am so happy I decided to try them after seeing your ad in Victoria Magazine. Your serum is fantastic and for the money, is unbeatable! Thank you!
-Karen L., KS

 "I just have to say that this Coconut Water Hydrating Hand Sanitizer smells amazing...and seems to be moisturizing rather than drying like most hand santizers!!! So much nicer to use when I am working with newborns!!!"
-Carrianne Photography-Hornok, IL

"I'm returning to the USA next month (July 18th) I am going to tell all of my friends about your products and get them to buy..Your products are the greatest creations ever for skin.. they've repaired so much damage to my face.. I can never thank you enough! I'm so impressed with your products :) my skin loves you!"
-Vienna V., Australia 

 "I touched based with Diana about my skin care needs a few weeks back. Not only is she very prompt and helpful in replying, she was dead on for recommending the right products. My biggest issue "was" red scars from blemishes. After using the Neem & Oat Facial Mask (once a week) I have to say my red scares are practically gone. The Mask is really unlike anything I've ever used. I LOVE it. It doesn't burn your face off like other masks or tighten up and flake all over the place. Thank you for the great products Diana! I'll be back in the shop in the future ; )"
-Kellie M., CA 

"I am a happy buyer. Thank you sooo much. Just received the Neem & Oat facial mask and Cucumber Peel toning butter yesterday and used them today with great satisfaction. I will seriously buy more products from you in the near and far future"
-Makala G., FL 

"Ok, true story. I just had a ...no.. I had THE Bellaroma "spa" experience. Washed my face with my cleanser, applied orange and honeysuckle facial scrub...then applied my mud and milk facial mask! I THEN applied my black salt body mask and ran a tub of water. I then spritzed the air with my lavender aroma mist and grabbed my exfoliating shower smoothie...I will spare you the details from here....except for the fact that I LOVED IT! I got out of the tub and and applied my aloe Chardonnay facial toner,sea kelp serum and pomegranate facial cream...OH and then I did my feet with my peppermint foot scour and finished with the refreshing foot spray! Two words to describe the experience....HOLY. MOLY. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if I could have lost 20 lbs in the process. I just wish my hair could experience Bellaroma because I could tell it was jealous. Soooo Diana how about a leave in conditioner or a hair masque?? It could be called " Glorious Hair" why???? Because if you make it, it WiLL be glorious...oh and because my name is smack dab in the middle...:-) ...lol..Thank you Diana for spa days...even with three kids under four watching Dora in the next room...thank you Diana AND Dora! oh...how could I forget my potted honey lip butter! Used that too and every night! :-)"
-Lori F., TX 

 "I really love the Aloe Chardonnay Facial Toner.... I love the smell... It works wonderful on my skin.. and i think the uneven skintone on my chin is finally going down slightly so I am very happy about that.... do you think in the near future you would be getting bigger bottles for it? Thank you!"
-JoAnn F., SD 

"I had a very rough spot on the side of my hand under my pinky finger area. I started to use Bellaroma’s AU NATUREL Gourmet Moisturizer applying it directly to the rough area. After just a few direct applications, the rough area is gone and now very smooth. I wish I had a before and after photo, the results were amazing. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it hydrates your skin. I have since ordered a larger size and plan to continue to use Bellaroma products"
-NaTasha J., MI

"Hi Diana! :-D I got my wonderful order today and I am LOVING both scents! I am VERY impressed by your scents and natural ingredients. I'm on your website now and would like to buy more. :) Hugs and thanks for a great experience with your company :)"
-Marci G., MA

"OH MY GOSH!!!!! I'm in love!!! I don't know which scent I love most....they are all divine.  Do you make an edp in that cocoa?  Oh my goodness, it is delicious!!! Thank you so much and I'm sure I'm going to be a repeat customer!! Happy weekend! =)"
-Kathy M., AR

"I LOVE my Bellaroma products! :) The aroma spray smells incredible, nothing like I've ever smelt that I could actually wear! And the scent stayed on all day! The lavender creme was very soothing and actually made my hands feel softer! I've shown my friends already because I couldn't believe how great everything smelt! The packaging was beautiful as well! :)"
-Alana Y., MI

"Thanks Diana, I received my Bellaroma order. I wanted to thank you for such beautiful products, you obviously take great care in developing them. The soap smells to die for and are just as beautiful to display. The banana facial scrub makes my face feel so smooth and I love the banana smell. The whipped creme and the body moisturizers are so luxurious. You have a new fan of Bellaroma,
keep up the great work!"

 -Susan M., Canada

"So impressed I even pinned it to my Pinterest page. 
Only a few items that I absolutely love make it. These body lotions and scrubs are my gold standard. When I go to buy a whipped body creme, this is the texture and feel I want. When I use a scrub, this is the best so far I have tried. And I have tried all of Sephora's 4 plus starred scrubs. This has the perfect amount of exfoliate, a yummy scent and just the right slip and feel. Add to that, the afterglow. These recipes reflect the work of a talented artist that took serious consideration to formulate, perfect and even dream about. If you love fine bath products or if you just want to open your own Etsy store try these to see what the best feels like."
-Jes, Hawaii 

"Hi Diana...I keep meaning to let you know that I love all the products I ordered from Bellaroma...especially the pumpkin mask-it smells fabulous!--and I'm so glad you included a sample of the mango argan gourmet moisturizer--I LOVE that too!
-Kristi L., MI

"Hello Diana, I absolutely love your products! They smell (I have to try very hard not to start eating the banana scrub) and work amazingly (the neem in the face mask is great for my spots), I am very happy with them! :) Thank you for writing to me I love the personal touch! :) I will buy from your shop again for sure. Have a lovely day!"
 -Majda D., Poland

"I tried Bellaroma's sample products and they smell luscious! Diana sent me a very generous portion of the Whipped Creme and Soothing Eucalyptus.  Very nice, and very effective!"
-Maria N., NJ

"Every product I've tried is wonderful and seller goes above and beyond for her customers. Highly recommended!"
-Julie V., United Kingdom 

"I have purchased 2 products from Bellaroma recently and love them both! The Lavender Night Creme is my favorite. The creams and lotions smell great and feel great on! Ordering is very easy and I received my product in the mail right away! I also recently received the honey eucalyptus  lip butter as a bridal shower gift. I have never used anything this good! It smells great, feels good on my lips and stays on for a long time. It doesn't feel heavy or clumpy. It is very light and keeps my chronically dry lips moisturized all day! Great product that I am recommending to all my girlfriends. I plan to order many more scents and am excited for new ones to come!"
-Sara E., MI

"Never been happier with a moisturizer. I have been using the standard over the counter "stuff" for years. Thought it was normal to apply hand lotion on an hourly basis in order to get some relief from dry, itchy hands. The hand creme's have eliminated the dry, itchy hands after only 3 applications. Not greasy or oily - leaves my hands feeling soft and smelling fresh & clean. I recommend the "Whipped Creme's" to Everyone!"
-Bob, USMC

"I tried the whipped creme and it feels silky soft. It doesn't leave any sticky residue on my hands, and  I'm very picky when it comes to hand lotion! Can't wait to try another one!"
-Gloria B., IL

"Hi Diana, I received the lotions today and really like the scents. Very sharp packaging - pretty. Thank you for the free sample too."
-Mary P., MI

"I am luvin your products right now!  The whipped cream moisturizer sunk into my skin perfectly, the cleanser left my sensitive acne-prone, dry in areas skin soft and smooth with no reaction and the Mud & Milk Mask felt so yummy on my skin!!!  I even used the Lavender lotion on my face and it didn't even cause any breakouts!!!  How often can I use the Mud & Milk Mask per week? I usually don't reach out until after a week (we always test products for at least 1 week) but I'm so excited about these products!!! I'm going to place an order for your Coffee Butter, Wild Strawberry Sugar Scrub and a Whipped Cream. I would also love to do an interview with you if you're open. Thanks Diana!"
-Brandie Gilliam, Organic Beauty Talk, TX

"I recently purchased the Lavender lotion and the Lavender Amore aromatherapy mist. I love both products, they smell great. The lotion makes my hands feel very soft. I also received a sample of Soothing Eucalyptus and although I'm not usually a fan of Eucalyptus, I do like this mist. I look forward to trying other Bellaroma products."
-Sarah V., MI

"Hi Diana! I have fallen in love with the pomegranate creme and even used it on my trip to the beach this past weekend and it hydrated my skin so well! My skin is very dry and gets patchy when I am stressed out. It is pretty sensitive and this was so moisturizing and helped calm down my skin and I LOVE the smell! Thank you!"
-Brie G., AL

"I bought the Miss Migraine from Bellaroma for my girlfriend as one of her holiday gifts, she loved it! She gets headaches/migraines all the time and instead of popping a pill to get rid of the pain I think it's better to use this product, plus it smells great! I used it at work before I gave it to her and it worked for me as well. I'm probably going to get one myself and I think you should too."
-Kenny A., MI

"My gorgeous products arrived from Bellaroma today and I have just used them and I have fallen in love! The coffee exfoliating butter and the pomegranate whipped creme are just so yummy! They are so amazing. I am generally allergic to everything, like seriously allergic. The only thing that I can use is goats milk soap and sorbolene creme so when I tired these and they didnt make me break out in a rash i was so excited because I have finally found something yummy that I can use. I looove them, thank you so much, I will be ordering more!"
- Leany C., Australia

"I am in love with my custom Lemon lotion! The soft scent of lemon in a gentle lotion won me over. It is grease-free and the soft scent stays with you. I'm hoping for a Lemon Comfort spray next! I also enjoyed the Lavender Amore. It is very soothing and light. I spray it on my pillows before I go to sleep. I also LOVE the Blueberry Primrose moisturizer, so light and refreshing!"
-Robin M., MI

"Hi Diana, I received my package yesterday and I can't tell you how pleased I am with my purchase.  The Grapeseed and Banana Facial scrub smells good enough to eat!  Not only do I love the smell of the scrub, it's very gentle and made my face feel so soft and smooth after using it. I used the moisturizer this morning after my shower and it is absolutely fabulous! Again, smells lovely which is very important to me but the consistency and the way it sinks right into the skin is perfect......I am super picky about body lotion and can't tell you the number of times I have ordered lotions only to be disappointed in the overall feel of being sticky and greasy, so you have won me over with your superb products!  Oh, I almost forgot to thank you for the strawberry body scrub. I haven't used it yet but I'm guessing it's a winner as well. Kind regards."
-Jodi S., MN

"I LOVE Bellaroma products!!  Very high-end quality without the extravagant price.  Plus, it has the added benefit of being made with all-natural ingredients!  I purchased a creme, which was really light and fluffy.  My husband loves the Lavander Amore mist to spray on his pillow.  It's really relaxing and helps him fall asleep easier.  Diana was very accommodating and really delivers high quality products.  My order was processed within 24 hours and I received free samples of other products as well.  Very impressed."
-Pam F., MI

"Wow!  I can truly say that I've never tried beauty products as wonderful as these!  Bellaroma has a large variety of scents.  The lotions and cremes make my skin feel extremely soft.  The mists have a natural, lovely, mild aroma, not like the strong stinkers you get from the grocery/dept. stores.  My favorite scent (so far) is the Polynesian Coconut!  I have both mist and creme.  I love that the products are natural and I hope to try many more!"
-Valerie D., MI

"I have a secret obsession that I'd like to share with you all...a secret that will make you feel gloriously amazing, confident and wonderful...and smell divine. About a month ago, I contacted Diana, the owner of Bellaroma {Natural Skincare Boutique} and fellow Artisan Group member about my skincare woes. Since having my son (1 year ago) my skin has been on a roller coaster ride it seems. One day it's oily, the next it's itchy...then on another day it's totally fine and blemish free...only to be plagued with acne two days later. Postpartum hormones have absolutely wrecked havoc on my skin, not to mention the wrinkles, lack of moisture, dark circles, bags and everything else that comes with being a first time mom. So, off to Diana I went with my problem, and boy did she ever solve it! She recommended her lovely Yogurt & E Creamy Cleanser and Pomegranate Whipped Facial Creme. I have never, ever ever been this happy with my skin...or my skincare products. First and foremost, the Yogurt & E Creamy Cleaner is so light that you barely feel like you're washing your face with more than just water. It feels fresh and squeaky clean afterward, and not dry like most other cleansers that I've tried. It is seriously lovely, and wonderfully divine...and what a great feeling to have nice firm, tight skin! I follow up my little routine with the Pomegranate Whipped Facial Creme and let me just say one word: YUM! Oh my gosh! From the moment that I opened the jar, I knew that my skin was in for a really amazingly luxurious treat. From talking to Diana, I knew that a little dab was all that I would need, and massaging it into my skin was like...a heavenly experience. Instantly, my skin was tighter and I had to double take in the mirror...but those new-mom-dark-circles were fading right before my eyes! I woke up feeling refreshed and wonderful...as if my skin care woes had disappeared overnight. Looking in the mirror, I knew that it wasn't a dream, but in fact they had disappeared. My skin is lovely, soft, blemish free and silky smooth. The wrinkles are fading, as are the dark circles and bags from under my eyes {perhaps because the routine of cleansing and moisturizing before bed with Bellaroma put my mind to ease and allowed me to sleep better?} My wish list for Bellaroma is growing everyday! Knowing that my face feels and looks so amazing now, I can't help but lust after the Hawaiian Brown Sugar Body Polish, the Cucumber Peel Toning Butter {hello Post-Partum body changes!} and the Grapeseed Lavender Bella Bar. OH! And have you seen her brand new product, the Potted Honey Lip Butter? To. Die. For! And as if it can get any better than feeling confident in your own skin, Diana is positively a dream to work with! She responds to requests right away, and her customer service is amazing. She truly cares about your concerns and worries, and seeks to put them to rest with her wonderful products, encouraging words and warm attitude. I highly highly recommend that you check out her shop, and contact her if you have any questions about how she can help you look and feel your best! It hasn't stopped at just caring for my skin! I recently contacted Diana again about my son's eczema. It's not bad, but it's not to be itchy for him and no amount of Aveeno or extra-sensitive-crazy cream has helped. The only thing that has helped is Diana's own concoction of amazingness that she whipped up, and I've now purchased as a custom order. She truly is amazing, and her products are luxuriously wonderful!"
-Shannon M., Canada 

"Don't be scared! It's just me with my Bellaroma Neem & Oat Facial Mask on! Got my products today, and I LOVE what I've used so far! I put the coconut milk moisturizer on after the mask and my skin feels so good!"
-Tina D., VA 

"I love love love the potted honey lip butter! It is so soooooft and absorbs so well! I havn't tried the pumpkin puree scrub yet but it smells divine! I also LOVE the kaolin honey and milk facial mask, it makes my skin feel like velvet and it also smells great! My two newest favorites are the Green Tea and Honey Scrub and Tapioca Pudding and Meringue Cleansing Clay Mask! Thank you so much for superb products!"
-Carol P., MI 

"From time to time, I thought I might do these little posts to introduce you to people I think you really ought to know. I know so many fabulous business women. I can't wait to share them with you! I want to make it clear that I am getting nothing in exchange for these posts. No discounts, no returned favors, no money under the table. On my honor. Now then, the first person I must introduce you to is Diana from Bellaroma. Bellaroma is a natural line of skin care products handmade with care by this one woman show. And not only are her products all natural, they look dreamy, sound heavenly and her prices are fabulous. Seriously, Sweet orange Honeysuckle Scrub? Plus, when you sign up for her newsletter, you get 15% off your order! Add to all of that the rave reviews I have seen and I decided to pamper myself using birthday money and try her out. I contacted Diana and told her of my troublesome skin to see which products she recommended.   Her advice was her Calendula Facial Cleanser and the Neem and Oat Facial Mask. The result? I love both products. The cleanser has silk in it! You can tell it isn't 80% water too by the strands it produces when you pour it onto your fingers or apply it to your face. But, the Neem and Oat mask is really incredible. Apparently, Neem oil stinks, and Diana warned me of this before I ordered. But she has done a great job of masking the smell. It's luxurious to put on, feeling like a spa treatment. But, my skin. I have dark spots from sun damage that appeared while I was pregnant with my daughter. These fade when I use the Neem mask. And my skin is so soft, I can hardly keep my hands from touching it throughout the day. I am so low maintenance it almost registers as low maintenance. I hate washing my face especially since most products cost a lot and don't give me results, or make my face break out worse than it does on its own. At this point with these products, I might just be addicted to washing my face.So if you are in the market for something along these lines, or a body butter, or scrub, or scrumptious lotion, I urge you to give Bellaroma a try. You will not be disappointed! Thank you, Diana!"
-Susan W.,  MI

"Hi Diana, I wanted to send you an email to thank you for your awesome products. I received my order about 2 weeks ago and have started using the moisturizer, facial cream, facial scrub and so far I think they are great products. They all smell absolutely wonderful and I love how the smell of your products are scents that touches the sense of smell in good ways..strong in good ways and make you want more of the delicious scent and not sickeningly perfumed at all!  I have just started using the products and like how they perform so far. I look forward to the improvement with continued use your products will bring! I also appreciate very much the sample of sweet orange honeysuckle facial scrub you included in my order and thank you for your generosity. It's great!!!! I love it!! I look forward to trying more of your products and am also appreciative of your product emails. Thank you again for the great products, speedy processing and shipping of my order and generosity of a sample in my order!!!  Keep up the good work!"
-Maria A., OH

"Everyone needs at least two of Miss Migraine. I cannot express enough how fabulous this product is. It works wonders in migraines and headaches, yes. BUT, is also fantastic for easing anxiety attacks, stopping nausea, relieving sinus pain from colds and allergies and its a lovely way to freshen up and add energy to a tired day."
-Kari W., MI 

"I recently received the honey eucalyptus  lip butter as a bridal shower gift. I have never used anything this good! It smells great, feels good on my lips and stays on for a long time. It doesn't feel heavy or clumpy. It is very light and keeps my chronically dry lips moisturized all day! Great product that I am recommending to all my girlfriends."
-Sara E., MI

"Mommy/Daughter spa night first up facials with our favorite "Neem & Oat" Facial Mask by @Bellaromalady"
-Kellie M., PA 

"There is benefit to the green coffee bean extract in the moisturizer I purchased for under the eyes. Thank you."
-John V., MI 

"The Beach Sand + Sea Salt Foot and Body rub is absolutely amazing!  Working in the health-field I'm often on my feet in the same shoes for very long periods and I knew I needed to do something special to take extra good care of my feet.  I used this rub one late night after work and was so amazed by its effectiveness that its now part of my routine.  The Beach Sand + Sea Salt rub, with its freshening calm scent, left my feet not only smelling clean but also feeling smooth!  Thank you Bellaroma, I can't wait to order more!"
-Veronica D., MI

"Hello Diana, I received my order and I love everything! The scents are absolutely delicious! The facial serum feels great under my eyes and I've already had to use the Miss Migraine, which seemed to work like a charm. I can't wait to see what your other products feel like. I will keep coming back for more.Thank you, also, for the vanilla scrub sample. I love it as well. When my father was dying (a few years ago) the nurses on the oncology ward would give visitors lavender sachets to inhale as aromatherapy for relaxation. The scent of my new body products had much of the same effect-- so relaxing and almost hypnotic. Thank you for all the thought and hard work you put into your products. With such a glowing review from Victoria Magazine, I knew everything would be great! And you have a nice name on top of it. Looking forward to my next order."
-Diana B., NY

"I have tried 8-9 other moisturizers, but none of them worked for me: they were too oily, ineffective, or worsened my oily/blemished skin. This is the first moisturizer that worked like magic for me. It smells fresh and sinks right into the skin, leaving no grease on the surface. Diana is one the warmest and most communicative artist I've met on Etsy. I saw her limited edition lavender and lilac moisturizer on her website, but it was out of stock. Diana however very kindly agreed to make it for me. One of my three favorite stores here on Etsy! Also, every time I open the bottle of Carrot + Calendula Cleansing Grains I feel like I've walked into an orchard. These grains look, smell, and feel fresh and wonderful on my skin when I use them. The orange oil, calendula and the carrot here are so much better than in any other product I used. This is truly organic richness, and I'm so glad I discovered this shop on Etsy."
-Shastri A., India

"OMG!!! Diana....Diana....Diana....!! I love you!! Thank you so much for my wonderful items. They work amazing. My skin feels like silk! I cannot believe it. Thank you so much. As we discussed, I live in Ohio, and we are having a brutal winter. But these products keep my skin moisturized the entire day! No dryness. I've never used natural products. I'm wishing I had. Now, I am very grateful to have found you and your shop. You're truly amazing!! My items shipped quickly. And the gift is amazing too. I love the personal touch. Everything is working beautifully. I should have posted before & after pics. I will definitely be a returning customer. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

-Trish T., OH

"My mom asked if Diana could make the Brownie Batter Facial Buffer from the kids line into a mask and she did! I love it so much!! It made my face feel so clean and it smells so good, just like homemade brownies!" 
-Noella F., MI

"Thank you for recommending the Green Tea and Honey Facial Scrub! I love it! My face feels so fresh and clean after I use it and I am noticing my pores are looking smaller with each use! And it smells yummy!"
-Patty H., MI

Hi Diana, you have always been so great at responding to any questions I have had. I really appreciate that. But your line rocks.... I get asked all the time what I use on my face for skin care, I'm a retired 47 year old OG alternative model. And I refer people your way every chance. I am waiting for an old lady eye cream or serum from you. I'm always on the hunt for those. So many photo shoots over the years has taught me to baby that skin because it is so delicate. So know I cross my fingers on that. For years, I used a coffee/sugar scrub on my thighs because it helps with cellulite and I have totally fallen in love with your shower smoothie. I use it in combination with this coffee soap and really helps keep my legs. But it really is an amazing product that I really have pushed to my friends... I think that your banana/grapeseed facial scrub and honey lip butter are always easy doors for your product. Your pumpkin puree mask is something that I love especially to just let people smell. Once they smell it... they want to try it. The only down side to your products is that it makes you hungry. HAHAHAHAHAHA But I've learned to have fruit and tea handy when I am doing my routine. Anyways, this is again a looooong way to describe how much I love your line. And I do push it to my friends whenever possible. Much love and respect,
-TC Rockett, CA

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