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Gourmet Moisturizers
8 oz. Amber Jar w/ Black Cap

Feed your skin with thirst quenching nutrients and replenishing moisture. Our gourmet moisturizers contain aloe vera with an extra helping of shea butter and a heaping portion of creamy coconut milk for a royal moisturizing lotion that goes on like fine silk leaving your skin with a non-greasy velvety finish. These natural soothing moisturizers help to hydrate and nourish the skin and the gentle formula also helps to heal dry cracked skin. Recommended to be used as an all-over moisturizer. Also see our 'Whipped Crèmes'.

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Argan + Mango Gourmet Moisturizer-moroccan,argan,moisturizer,dry skin,coconut milk
Argan + Mango Gourmet Moisturizer
AU NATUREL Gourmet  Moisturizer-Au naturel,moisturizer,face,body,lotion,vegan,sensitive skin,coconut milk,fragrance free,unscented
AU NATUREL Gourmet Moisturizer
Blueberry Primrose Gourmet Moisturizer-blueberry,evening primrose,antiaging,mature,dry,skin,moisturizer,coconut milk
Blueberry Primrose Gourmet Moisturizer
Cucumber Peel + Green Coffee Bean Gourmet Toning Moisturizer-Cucumber Peel Toning body butter,skin tightening,toner,firm,antiaging,green coffee bean,moisturizer
Cucumber Peel + Green Coffee Bean Gourmet Toning Moisturizer
LIMITED EDITION! Lavender Lilac Gourmet Moisturizer-moisturizer,lavender,lilac,spring,refreshing,relaxing,floral
LIMITED EDITION! Lavender Lilac Gourmet Moisturizer
$28.00 $25.00
Peppermint + Fresh Cream Gourmet Moisturizer-Peppermint Cream,madagascar vanilla,pedicure treatment,feet,foot lotion,moisturizer,vegan,coconut milk
Peppermint + Fresh Cream Gourmet Moisturizer
Yogurt Buttercreme Gourmet Moisturizer-yogurt,buttermilk,buttercream,vanilla,buttercreme,moisturizer,hydrating,dry skin,triple cream
Yogurt Buttercreme Gourmet Moisturizer
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