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A mild and gentle collection of soothing products made with natural and non-abrasive ingredients best suited for extra-sensitive skin types for those who suffer from allergies and/or sensitivity to ingredients. This skin type can also be associated with those who burn easily from sunlight and/or who frequently have red skin.

AU NATUREL Gourmet  Moisturizer-Au naturel,moisturizer,face,body,lotion,vegan,sensitive skin,coconut milk,fragrance free,unscented
AU NATUREL Gourmet Moisturizer
AU NATUREL Whipped Creme-au naturel,whipped creme,unscented,fragrance free,hands,face,facial
AU NATUREL Whipped Creme
Grapefruit Soy Exfoliating Shower Smoothie-grapefruit,soy,exfoliating,shower,bath,smoothie,body wash,cleanser
Grapefruit Soy Exfoliating Shower Smoothie
Grapeseed Banana Facial Scrub-Grapeseed Banana Facial Scrub,gentle,mild,emmy awards,celebrity, cleanser
Grapeseed Banana Facial Scrub
Neem + Oat Gentle Facial Mask-Neem,Colloidal Oatmeal,rosacea,gentle,psoriasis,eczema,acne,troubled skin,kaolin clay,facial mask,clove,tea tree,problematic skin,woes,sensitive skin
Neem + Oat Gentle Facial Mask
Roman Lavender Whipped Night Creme-Snooze,Roman,Chamomile,Ylang Ylang,Lavender,essential oils,night cream,facial,face,vegan,hands,relaxation
Roman Lavender Whipped Night Creme
Rose + Milk Calming Facial Mask-Kaolin Clay Rose Milk Facial Mask,coconut milk, calming,replenish,vegan
Rose + Milk Calming Facial Mask
Sea Salt + Coconut Milk Shave Cream-sea salt,coconut milk,shave cream,men,woman,shaving
Sea Salt + Coconut Milk Shave Cream
Yogurt Buttercreme Gourmet Moisturizer-yogurt,buttermilk,buttercream,vanilla,buttercreme,moisturizer,hydrating,dry skin,triple cream
Yogurt Buttercreme Gourmet Moisturizer
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