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A healthful collection of uber-moisturizing products to help hydrate and brighten dry and dull skin.  These products are best suitable for those who have dehydrated, flaky and/or tight skin in need of a moisture boost and/or those who are lacking a healthy glow!


Apricot Nectar + Agave Hydrating Body Oil-apricot,agave,hydrating,body oil,bath,soak,fig,nectar,drizzle,glaze,dry skin
Apricot Nectar + Agave Hydrating Body Oil
Argan + Mango Gourmet Moisturizer-moroccan,argan,moisturizer,dry skin,coconut milk
Argan + Mango Gourmet Moisturizer
Bamboo + Brown Sugar Polish-hawaiian brown sugar polish, body scrub, turbinado organic sugar,natural,vegan,bamboo
Bamboo + Brown Sugar Polish
Beach Sand + Sea Salt Foot and Body Rub-beach,body,scrub,sea salt,sugar scrub,sand,tropical,feet,foot,coconut milk,scour
Beach Sand + Sea Salt Foot and Body Rub
Blueberry Primrose Gourmet Moisturizer-blueberry,evening primrose,antiaging,mature,dry,skin,moisturizer,coconut milk
Blueberry Primrose Gourmet Moisturizer
Cherry Avocado Nourishing Facial Mask-cherry,avocado,nourishing,healthy,glow,mask,facial,antioxidants,antiaging,vitamins,minerals
Cherry Avocado Nourishing Facial Mask
Coconut Cardamom Facial Scrub-Coconut Cardamom Facial Scrub,gentle,emmy awards gift bags,celebrity,coconut milk
Coconut Cardamom Facial Scrub
Coffee Butter Exfoliating Shower Smoothie-Exfoliating Whipped Coffee Butter,anti cellulite,firming,toning,java,shower cream,vegan,body wash,bath,smoothie
Coffee Butter Exfoliating Shower Smoothie
Grapefruit Soy Exfoliating Shower Smoothie-grapefruit,soy,exfoliating,shower,bath,smoothie,body wash,cleanser
Grapefruit Soy Exfoliating Shower Smoothie
Honey Rum Deep-Soaking Bath + Body Oil-honey,rum,bath,body,oil,vanilla,fig,moisturizer,soak
Honey Rum Deep-Soaking Bath + Body Oil
Kiwi Poppyseed Exfoliating Shower Smoothie-kiwi,poppyseed,cleanser,exfoliating,shower,bath,smoothie,body wash
Kiwi Poppyseed Exfoliating Shower Smoothie
Lemon Juice Balancing Facial Toner-lemon juice balancing facial toner,oily,combination skin,apple cider vinegar,organic
Lemon Juice Balancing Facial Toner
Maracuja + Apple Facial Scrub-Maracuja,Apple,Facial Scrub,natural fruits,amazonian,passionfruit,passion,fruit
Maracuja + Apple Facial Scrub
Mud + Milk Purifying Facial Mask-Mud,Milk,Facial Mask,Cocoa Absolute,Chocolate,coconut milk,Mineral Sea Clay,Martha Stewart,vegan,coconut milk,hydrating,detox,moisturizing,vegan,deep cleansing,dead sea
Mud + Milk Purifying Facial Mask
Peppermint + Sweet Honey Lip Exfoliator-Peppermint,Sweet Honey,Lip Scrub,Exfoliator,natural
Peppermint + Sweet Honey Lip Exfoliator
Polynesian Coconut Whipped Creme-Polynesian Coconut,creamy,vegan,soothing,summer,coconut milk,hands,face,facial
Polynesian Coconut Whipped Creme
Potted Honey Eucalyptus Lip Butter-Honey Eucalyptus Lip Butter,chapstick,dry,winter,gift,christmas,potted,natural
Potted Honey Eucalyptus Lip Butter
Potted Honey Lip Butter-raw,honey,lip,balm,pot,cold sores,blisters,chap,stick,gloss,salve,cuticle,edible,natural,organic,palm,vegetable,vegan
Potted Honey Lip Butter
Pumpkin Puree  Healthy Glow Facial Mask-fall,autumn,mask,facial,pumpkin puree,vanilla,carrot,nutmeg,peel,nourishing,glow,natural,organic,vegan,healthy,brightening,fall
Pumpkin Puree Healthy Glow Facial Mask
Red Roses + Geranium Whipped Creme-Love,Red Roses,Rose,Geranium,vegan,face,hands,facial,kentucky derby,julep ball
Red Roses + Geranium Whipped Creme
Roman Lavender Whipped Night Creme-Snooze,Roman,Chamomile,Ylang Ylang,Lavender,essential oils,night cream,facial,face,vegan,hands,relaxation
Roman Lavender Whipped Night Creme
Sea Salt + Coconut Milk Shave Cream-sea salt,coconut milk,shave cream,men,woman,shaving
Sea Salt + Coconut Milk Shave Cream
Sweet Orange Honeysuckle Facial Scrub-Sweet Honeysuckle Orange,brightening,happy,citrus,facial scrub,glow
Sweet Orange Honeysuckle Facial Scrub
Tea Tree Antibacterial Hand Scrub-Tea Tree Antibacterial Hand Sugar Scrub,gardener hand treatment,apricot kernel oil,vegan,lemon,lavender
Tea Tree Antibacterial Hand Scrub
Vitamin C Whipped Day Creme-Good Morning,Sweet Orange,Grapefruit,Tangerine,vitamin c day cream,facial,face,vegan,hands
Vitamin C Whipped Day Creme
Wild Strawberry Seed Sugar Scrub-Wild Strawberry Sugar Scrub,anti aging,antioxidants,body exfoliant, exfoliate, skin scrub,vegan
Wild Strawberry Seed Sugar Scrub
Yogurt Buttercreme Gourmet Moisturizer-yogurt,buttermilk,buttercream,vanilla,buttercreme,moisturizer,hydrating,dry skin,triple cream
Yogurt Buttercreme Gourmet Moisturizer
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