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This youthful line of natural skincare products are handmade, fresh-to-order, using all natural and mild organic ingredients, just as our original collection, only these whimsical blends come with a unique fun spin that children (and parents!) will love! All of the formulas are gentle, safe and ideal for all skin types.

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Blue Cotton Candy Softening Facial Mask-kids,children,tween,teen,mask,face,facial,cotton candy,blue,softening
Blue Cotton Candy Softening Facial Mask
Brownie Batter Gentle Facial Buffer-brownie,cocoa,cacao,chocolate,kids,facial,scrub,face,tween,teen,children
Brownie Batter Gentle Facial Buffer
Bubblegum + Sprinkles Whipped Cream Soap-kids,bubblegum,sprinkles,body wash,soap,whipped soap,cream,creme,kids,children,tween,teen
Bubblegum + Sprinkles Whipped Cream Soap
Cherry Slushie Ultra-Fine Sugar Scrub-sugar scrub,cherry,body scrub,kids,children,tween,teen
Cherry Slushie Ultra-Fine Sugar Scrub
Cookie Dough Lip Butter-lip butter,balm,cookie dough,kids,children,tween,teen
Cookie Dough Lip Butter
Creamsicle Vitamin C Hand + Body Creme-vitamin c,orange,creamsicle,dreamsicle,vanilla,kids,children,tween,teen,cream,creme,hands,face,body
Creamsicle Vitamin C Hand + Body Creme
Marshmallow Fluff Face + Body Moisturizer-dry,kids,moisturizer,lotion,marshmallow,tween,teen,childrens
Marshmallow Fluff Face + Body Moisturizer
Orange Lemonade Lip Butter-orange,lemon,lemonade,lip,lips,balm,butter,kids,children,tween,teen,honey
Orange Lemonade Lip Butter
Pink Watermelon Refreshing Body Spritzer-pink watermelon,spray,spritzer,hair,room,sheets,pillow,body
Pink Watermelon Refreshing Body Spritzer
Strawberry Smoothie Creamy Facial Cleanser-strawberry,cream,facial,face,cleanser,wash,kids,children,tween,teen
Strawberry Smoothie Creamy Facial Cleanser
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