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Hand + Facial Whipped Crème's
2 oz.

Moisturize your skin with this thich, rich and luxurious whipped crème made with silk, shea and soybean that will balance your skin and give you a radiant therapeutic glow while leaving your skin soft and supple.  Glides on smooth and leaves a silky finish. These creme's are recommended for the face and hands. Also see our Gourmet Moisturizer's!

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AU NATUREL Whipped Creme-au naturel,whipped creme,unscented,fragrance free,hands,face,facial
AU NATUREL Whipped Creme
Polynesian Coconut Whipped Creme-Polynesian Coconut,creamy,vegan,soothing,summer,coconut milk,hands,face,facial
Polynesian Coconut Whipped Creme
Pomegranate Fruit Whipped Creme-Pomegranate Facial Cream,Pomegranate seed oil,anti aging,antioxidant,vegan,hands,face,facial
Pomegranate Fruit Whipped Creme
Red Roses + Geranium Whipped Creme-Love,Red Roses,Rose,Geranium,vegan,face,hands,facial,kentucky derby,julep ball
Red Roses + Geranium Whipped Creme
Roman Lavender Whipped Night Creme-Snooze,Roman,Chamomile,Ylang Ylang,Lavender,essential oils,night cream,facial,face,vegan,hands,relaxation
Roman Lavender Whipped Night Creme
Vitamin C Whipped Day Creme-Good Morning,Sweet Orange,Grapefruit,Tangerine,vitamin c day cream,facial,face,vegan,hands
Vitamin C Whipped Day Creme
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